February 25, 2009

Professor Weighs In On Chris Brown

It's about time! A Vassar professor is finally speaking up about the Chris Brown / Rihanna drama of two weeks ago. Here is what Professor Kiese Lamon wrote on his blog about the ordeal:

"Call me a sucker all you want, but a grown ass Nigga, should never, ever, ever strike a weaker woman, no matter how 'crazy' she is. And we all know how likely we are to call a woman 'crazy' when she simply gets tired of being played. I ain’t trying to get no feminist points either. Fact is that that we need to treat men who beat or strike women the same way our community sadly treats gay and/or closeted black men. Make dumb blogs about Mr. Beat Her being a closet beater. Whisper behind the back of Mr. Beat Her just loud enough so he can hear you. When you’re boy does some ill shit tomorrow, mock him by saying, 'Yo, you acting real Beat Her right now. I’m serious.' And if you’re really brave and versed in some form or martial arts, maybe slap Mr. Beat Her’s neck fat and ask him, 'How that neck feel, son?' ”

Click here to see Kiese's full post.

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