February 13, 2009

Mixed Reaction To "Smoking" Article

An article in yesterday's Misc is stirring up a bit of controversy, in which Michael Mestitz '12 wrote about the environmental and health impacts of smoking cigarettes.

"I honestly thought that [smoking] was a habit more or less confined to people our parents’ and grandparents’ generation," Mestitz writes.

The article has already gotten 23 comments on the Misc's website, which is the most comments we've ever seen on their site. The site also has a new poll on whether Vassar should ban smoking. 42% of voters say yes.

"This issue is going to blow up to KillerCoke proportions if we don't watch what we say," one commenter writes.


Zack said...

I think we should leave the rules the way they are and simply enforce the ones we already have more strictly. Maybe there could be fines for littering or smoking too close to buildings? If we could change the smoking culture here enough so that it minimizes the impact on non-smokers, this wouldn't have to be an issue marred by self-righteousness on both sides, or risk losing interest among potentially great students who happen to smoke cigarettes.

Zack said...
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Mina said...

ever since i've started my new job as an educator at the coastal bend AIDS foundation, i have been appalled by some of the information i've learned about smoking, and the tactics advertisers use to hook people.

that said, i've made a choice not to smoke. everyone should have a choice. smoking cigarettes is perfectly legal. i think smokers should be considerate of people who don't smoke, have allergies, or have asthma, but smoking shouldn't be banned.

but could smokers PLEASE stop leaving butts by the doors? they're really nasty.

Anonymous said...

I read the article and I really agree.


Smoking has got to go.

It is such a stupid thing to do.

Zack said...

Well I'm sold. I assume you're going to join in on my campaign to ban alcohol from campus? It's killed far more college students than cigarettes have.