February 8, 2009

More Reviews Of Beirut At BAM

The New York Times had this to say about Beirut's performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Friday and Saturday night.

"On Friday night Beirut was backed for part of its set by the three dozen musicians of the Vassar Orkestar — on strings, reeds and horns, with arrangements by Beirut’s trumpeter Kelly Pratt — who added elegant pizzicato parts and put more oomph in the oompah."

Also, on StereoGum's liveblogging of the Grammys, the Vassar Orkestar got this mention:

"Between the USC marching band jamming with Radiohead, and the Vassar Orkestar playing with Beirut at BAM this weekend, college band geeks are having the best week ever."

Update: And check out what Brooklyn Vegan had to say here.

Update #2: A whole article dedicated to the BAM show on StereoGum here.

Image via StereoGum.

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