February 20, 2009

Sent In By You...

Apparently a lot of students are unhappy with the new manager of UpCDC. We just got this email from a reader:

"Hey Mads,

I have a concern about the new management at UpC, and from what I have heard, others do to. The new manager has completely changed the fun atmosphere at UpC. While he greats everyone with, "Welcome to Java City," it is more than transparent how empty this statement really is. He regularly barks at customers for taking too long to order or using the microwave for too long. If anyone else has concerns, you should voice them on the comment cards in ACDC or UpC. Let's come together and restore UpC to what it once was. Thanks."

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1 comment:

BK said...

goodness, the guy at UPC is fine, I really don't care how he serves my tea as long as he serves it and if he reads this it'll be incredibly awkward. Bad call to respond to main Vassar blog, it's like you take the wrong stand on everything.