February 21, 2009

Seven Deadly Sins Tonight!

Jewett's annual Seven Deadly Sins party will be taking place tonight!

From 10pm-12 check out the tower floors hosted by different organizations:
Envy presented by the Class of 2012
Greed presented by the VC Entrepreneurs
Lust presented by Choice & Squirm
Sloth presented by Lathrop House
Wrath presented by the class of 2011
Seven Virtues presented by the Christian Fellowship
Pride presented by the Jewett House Team

And from 10-2am on the 1st floor Jewett will be Gluttony presented by the Jewett House Team.

Lorrette Fisher '09 and Naquan Earp '09 will be the nights DJs.

1 comment:

Luis Gabriel said...

ummmmm... Naquan is ALSO Class of '09!!

I will stab you Mads. I know where you live!