February 25, 2009

Strong Joins The Blogosphere

The latest group on campus to create a blog is Strong house. Strong debuted its new blog today in honor of All College Day.

The blog has a question and response type format, with the bloggers posting questions and allowing readers to respond through comments. The questions all involve women and leadership at Vassar.

"This blog is a project started by Strong House in attempt to create dialogue about the ways in which women engage in leadership roles on campus," the site's mission statement states.

Some quick facts from the Strong house team:
  • The past five VSA presidents have been men.
  • Over the past three years 26 House Presidents have been elected and only 6 have been women. This includes Strong House which guaranteed three of those seats would be women.
  • Over the past three years only 2 of a possible 12 Class President positions have been filled by women.
Check out Strong's new blog here.

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