February 26, 2009

Wondering What This Is?

Grhyzzly has a new art installation in the residential quad that you've probably been wondering about. "Yellow, Blue and Red" is Rhys Bambrick '11's latest work, made of polyester ribbon and wood supports.

Grhyzzly has taken to his blog to explain the project:
"This sculpture began as my attempt to sculpturally express myself in an abstract expressionist manner. I had a vision of creating a object in the same way a painter paints expressively and abstractly; I had no intention of representing form in any sense, but merely wanted to make expressive marks on a three-dimensional canvas. I placed ribbons—each measuring essentially my wingspan (as much as I could reach each time)— on this wooden frame, considering each strand’s appearance and relation to other strands. I tried to capture the emotions of the production in each stroke of ribbon. I also considered invoking a feeling of weightlessness with upward, optimistic strokes and a jarringly colorful scheme."

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