March 17, 2009

AirCappella Auditioning For America's Got Talent

Vassar's whistling "a cappella" group AirCappella has made it to the second round of auditions for the television show America's Got Talent and will be auditioning again today in New York City!

Here is a message from AirCappella:
"Aircappella is performing on America's Got Talent today (Tues March 17th) at 1 pm in NYC. WE NEED VASSAR AUDIENCE SUPPORT.

Free tickets are available here:
The theatre address is on that page. It's on W 34th st."

The audition will be in front of a live audience and the show's judges, Sharon Osbourne, David Hasslehoff, and Piers Morgan.

Click here for more info.


lbg28 said...

Any news on when it airs?

Luis Gabriel said...

I love Ben Creed and I wish him the best! I hope Vassar peepz show up to show support. I'd be there but I have a thesis to write...

Alex said...

2 p's in cappella