March 28, 2009

Faculty Cuts, Tuition Increase...FML.

In her latest all-campus email regarding the economy, Cappy announced the latest plan to keep Vassar afloat amidst the recession. It basically comes down to faculty cuts.

From the email:

"Given the fact that compensation represents two-thirds of the overall expense budget, the main focus of our planning to reach a sustainable level of draw on our diminished endowment must be a reduction in the size of our workforce. The trustees have placed their confidence in the faculty and administrative leadership to develop responsible plans over the next months to reduce overall employment at the college by 10-15%, with reductions in the 2010/11 and 2011/12 budgets."

But the faculty aren't the only ones who are screwed. Cappy also (subtly) stated that tuition will increase by 4.5% to $51,470.


Anonymous said...

You realize the workforce is not limited to the faculty.

Zack said...