March 25, 2009

Misc Editor-in-Chief Publishes Book

Exciting news for the Misc... Editor-in-Chief Brian Farkas '10 has just published a book on the history of our school's newspaper.

The book - which comes in at 304 pages - traces the history of the Misc back to 1866 when it served as a literary magazine. Brian connects the articles and its writers to different events in history. "The Miscellany has seen generations of Vassar College students who have witnessed the horrors of international war, felt the injustices of racial strife, and observed stirring protests unfold on their own campus," states a description of the book. "This narrative history of the Miscellany tells the story of the young men and women writing about their collegiate environment against the grand backdrop of American history."

The book also contains interviews with former editors, personal accounts from Brian, and a foreword written by Cappy.
The book is available on

Update: We just found out that all profits from the book are going to digitally archiving the Misc, as part of an effort by the Alumnae/i Association and the library.


Luis Gabriel said...

Congratulations to Brian! He is so bad-ass!!

The quality of the Misc has risen immensely since I got here, and that is in great part due to Brian's efforts.

I am so glad he is our Editor in Chief.


Luis Gabriel said...
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Katie said...

Wow, that's amazing! Way to go Brian!

Anonymous said...

that is so incredibly awesome!!! way to go Brian!!!

Anonymous said...

here, here!
way to go!

Alex said...

That is NEAT! Good for you, Brian!