April 30, 2009

Class of 2009 Mug Night Tonight!

Short notice, but...

Class of 2009 Mug Night tonight!
Featuring DJ Asslaughter (Albert Mulli '09) and DJ Dirty Jerz (Alan Neuhauser '09).

Midnight - 3am.

Two New Campus Sites To Check Out

Two new websites have recently hit campus that may easily become our very own versions of CraigsList and FMyLife.

The first one is MattsList, which started as a project for an anthropology class. The site "attempts to address the communities' needs and bring the Vassar community together," one of its creators tells Mads.. It features listings, course syllabi, event postings, and more. All of these features are accessible to users who create a username and sign in.

The second new site worth checking out is FMeRight?, named after a line from Superbad. The site invites readers to anonymously submit embarrassing moments for the entertainment of others. The blog is still in its early stages, but already features some funny (and unfortunate) anecdotes from Vassar students.

2011 Needs Your Help

The sophomore class gift hasn't raised nearly enough money to make an impact yet, but it's not too late to turn things around.

"I'm concerned about the future of the Summer Internship Fund for Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors," Joseph Redwood-Martinez tells Mads. The college has no plans to continue its internship fund next year, so funding will not happen without this class gift. 600 students applied this year.

So far 2011 is a little more than halfway to reaching the $6,000 goal by May 19th. If the goal is reached by then, two alumni/ae donors will match the amount.

Click here to donate or see more information.

April 29, 2009

On Tomorrow's Cover

Here are the big stories in tomorrow's Miscellany News...

Record number of students elect 24th VSA Council.

College considers the Freshman Writing Seminar.

Catching Light exhibit presents luminous watercolor artworks.

Staff Editorial: New student leaders face crucial year for College.

Jimmy And Cappy: So Happy Together

The highlight of today's Convocation ceremony has to have been when VSA President Jimmy Kelly sang The Turtles' "Happy Together," joined by the convocation choir. Check it out in the clip below.

Another noteworthy moment came when Caitlin Ly gave her first speech as the incoming VSA President.

Last Heatwave Is Tonight

Tonight is the last chance to hear DJ Levar and DJ Timespace!

"Seniors! We wanna see all those Farrah Fawcetts and Jessica Rabbits and Charlie Sheens out on the floor," say the DJs. "Everyone else! Show up the seniors. To which we wish you way more than luck."

Mug tonight @ 11.

April 28, 2009

Headline Of The Day

According to the Daily Emerald, the University of Oregon's men's ultimate frisbee team has been canceled after members played in the nude.

"The team, ranked third in the nation, presented letters from other ultimate clubs from around the nation in its defense as well as apologies and support from team members and its chaperone for the trip to Oregon State on April 11, where some members of the team played nude for a point in an intrasquad game in the sectional tournament."

Sounds familiar, except for the punishment part. Does ultimate frisbee and nudity go hand in hand?

Jazz Night Going On Now

Stop by the Mug right now for the last ViCE Jazz Night of the school year. Tonight's act is Vassar favorite The Powder Kegs.

The music will be going until 1:30am.

The Truth About Coca Cola And Colombia

It looks like the Kick Coke campaign is rising from the ashes. Despite the CCL rejecting the group's proposal back in November, Kick Coke is back to host an event this week.

Colombian labor organizer Camilo Romero will be speaking on Thursday about what really happened with Coca Cola in Colombia. If you've been following Kick Coke's campaign, you won't want to miss this.

Thursday at 5pm in Taylor 203.

Image via killercoke.org.

Full Results And Details Are In

Click here for the full official results from the VSA elections.

Our liveblogging of tonight's results party have already received close to 2,000 views! Click here to check it out. We also tweeted some of the results.

Caitlin Ly '10 To Be Next VSA President

Caitiln Ly '10 was named the next VSA president at the results party moments ago.

*Liveblogging The VSA Election*

Scroll down for the most recent post. Sorry if we misspelled your name or didn't post your position. Full list of results coming soon!

12:15am - Candidates and other students are just starting to come in. VP for Finance candidate Scott Pascal '10 and 2010 presidential candidate Chris Root '10 are here.

12:22 - Nate and Caly walked in holding hands. "I'm nervous!" current VP for Activities Alex Dempsey '09 tells Mads.

12:25 - 2011 presidential candidates Alejandro and Nick are on opposite sides of the room.

12:33 - RESULTS:











April 27, 2009

Liveblogging The Election Results...Tonight!

Check back at 12:30am for our liveblogging of the VSA election results.
Check back at 12:30am for our liveblogging of the VSA election results.
Check back at 12:30am for our liveblogging of the VSA election results.

You have until 11:59pm to vote. Click here!

Opening Night For Festival Season

Rooftop Films, a Brooklyn-based company run by two Vassar alumni, is having its opening night of the season on Friday, May 15th at 8pm.

The screening will take place on the roof of the Open Road Rooftop at 350 Grand Street @ Essex (Manhattan's Lower East Side).

There will be live music at 8, followed by the films at 9 and an open bar from 11:30-1am at Fontana's (105 Eldridge Street). Tickets are $9 at the door or at going.com.

VSA Results To Be Announced Tonight

The VSA election results will be announced at 12:30am in the Retreat tonight.

Farm Rave To Be Legit This Year

VT will be having a Farm Rave next week as their last even of the semester. Last year's rave didn't quite work out, but this one is legitimate and legal and should go according to plan.

May 5th 11pm-6am on May 6th at the Vassar Farm. Click here for directions.

The DJ schedule is as follows:
11-12 - DJ Fenris (Sam Finer)
12-1 - Olmec (Nick Inzucchi)
1-2 - Respire (Paul Noonan)
2-2:30 - HATRiCK (Adam Russin)
2:30-3:30 - DJ DJ Frank Sergi (Live DJ Set from Frank Sergi, the Live DJ) (Bruce Wong and Chris Martel)
3:30-4:30 - Party Fowl (Nick Burrell)
4:30-5:30 - DJ Paradigm (Felicia Minchin)
5:30-6 - DJ Fenris (Sam Finer) [SPECIAL SUNRISE SET]

Be sure to check it out!

April 26, 2009

VSA Polls Are Open

Click here to vote in the VSA elections.
Click here to vote in the VSA elections.
Click here to vote in the VSA elections.

Polls are open until 11:59pm on Monday.

Deerhunter+Gang Gang Dance+Golden Triangle

Here are some pictures from last night's ViCE show. Despite a late start, the bands were impressive and the event drew a huge crowd. People stood up for Gang Gang Dance and a few people were dancing in their Noyes windows (until security stopped them). Deerhunter played until 10pm when the police came because of noise. Bradford Cox finished with a solo song and thanked the police for "doing their job" and giving him some extra time.

Celeb Sighting Last Night

As we tweeted last night, actress Natasha Lyonne was on campus for the ViCE show. She was "with" Gang Gang Dance.

Natasha is probably best known for her role as Tara Reid's hippie best friend in American Pie. She is also the inspiration behind Rufus Wainwright's song "Natasha." She's had a rough couple of years (multiple arrests, a hospitalization), but now she's back with a few projects coming out.

P.S. If you haven't done so already, click here to follow us on Twitter!

April 25, 2009

A Day Late, But...

Perhaps a little late for Howbowt promos, but these are still worth checking out, especially if you're making the trip to Wesleyan today to see the second day of the event.

Here are some video promos from Wesleyan's Howbowt.

April 24, 2009

In Case You Missed It

In case you missed them, check out our exclusive interviews with the candidates for VSA President, Nate Silver '10 and Caitlin Ly '10.

This Weekend On Campus: Brewer Bash!

The VSA's Brewer Bash is taking over our "On Campus" post for this week. This weekend has lots going on, not to mention the temperature that will be in the high 80s.

Click here for the full schedule of Brewer Bash events.

HOWBOWT, 2pm-9:30pm SoCos, 10pm-2am Mug. Click the link for the full schedule.
The Clinkers, 6 and 9pm, Shiva. Reserve tickets at infodesk.
Fly People Show, 8pm Kenyon.
No Offense Sketch Comedy Spring Show, 9pm Sanders.

Relay for Life, 12pm-12am Noyes Circle.
ViCE presents Deerhunter, Gang Gang Dance, and Golden Triangle. 7pm Noyes Circle.
The Clinkers, 8pm, Shiva. Reserve tickets at infodesk.
Fly People Show, 8pm Kenyon.

Main and ViCE Pool Party, 2-6pm Walker.

April 23, 2009

ViCE Announces Pre-Founder's Day Show

ViCE After Hours has confirmed exclusively to Mads that its annual pre-Founder's Day show will feature Brooklyn-based band Elizabeth and the Catapult.

Below if your very first look at the poster for the event.

The show will be on Friday, May 1st at 8pm in the Drama and Film quad. After Hours performers will be opening. Co-sponsored by the Founder's Day Committee, Class of 2012, and Class of 2010. More info to come!

Meet Your Candidates: Nate Silver '10

Here is our exclusive interview with Nate Silver '10, who is running for VSA President. Be sure to check out our interview with candidate Caitlin Ly '10 if you haven't done so already.

Mads: What experience do you have that qualifies you for president?
Nate Silver: Next year I will be the only student on campus with three years of VSA Council experience under my belt. What this means is that I have worked closely with three previous VSA Presidents - I know what has been effective and what hasn't, and I'm truly ready to lead. I've served the student body in a variety of capacities - VP for Student Life, Class President, Food Committee Chair, and I've sat on a number of committees (College Life, Inclusion and Excellence, Residential Life Advisory, Priorities and Planning, Orientation, Vassar First Year, etc). My first three years have helped me develop the tools to be President, and I would hit the ground running, which is crucial because next year will be an important one.

M: What campus issues matter most to you? What, if anything, do you want to see changed about the VSA?
NS: My candidate statement highlights most of them - the student voice in restructuring the curriculum, need blind admissions, the meal plan, local foods, sustainability, room entry policy, supporting local vendors - but there are three that I would like to add to the mix. I call it my (re)form agenda: (re)Inventing Leadership, (re)Thinking Majors, (re)Imagining Admissions.

Reinventing Leadership: What became abundantly clear this year is that in many ways, the VSA Council is not an accurate representation of the student body. We need to reinvent what it means to be a leader on this campus; the Council needs to be comprised of representatives from all across the campus - not just residences and classes. Where you live is random; what you do at Vassar defines you. We need Council to consist of representatives from ALANA organizations, GLBTQ organizations, RSL organizations, Council of Black Seniors, ViCE, athletics, etc.; we need to condense the dorm representation so that it becomes a smaller piece of a much more diverse, representative Council.

Rethinking Majors: As a rising senior, I have been struck by the number of my peers taking classes next year 'because they need it to graduate.' At the same time, students are getting shut out of plenty of required courses, leaving them frustrated and confused. In future years, as the faculty shrinks, this problem will only get worse. If departments could find ways to reduce stringent departmental requirements into more broad, inter-departmental ones (collaborations between Drama/English, Anthro/Soc, PoliSci/International Studies, etc.), we would reduce the strain on the curriculum, while at the same time providing more options for students.

Reimagining Admissions: NYU this week took bold steps to change their past standardized testing policies, which they observed to discourage talented applicants who may have scored below average on the SAT from applying. We need to reminagine Vassar's admissions process; we need to think of creative ways to reach populations that we currently do not, and we need to not rely so heavily on test scores, as they are often not an indication of how successful a student will be at Vassar.

M: If voters should know one thing about you or your platform, what should it be?
NS: My ideas come from a mixture of idealism and pragmatism. It's important to dream big, to think outside of the box and to never be swayed by the status quo. The past few years the VSA has taken great strides to implement new policies and improve Vassar, but we have a long way to go. I know where we want to end up; I know how we can get there. And I'm really, really, a lot of fun.

M: What is your favorite Vassar memory or moment?
NS: The quad after Obama's victory - hands down. It was a defining moment of the 21st century and it was a privilege for Vassar students to share it with each other.

The Clinkers Opens Tonight

Check out The Clinkers, which is written, designed, and directed by Tracy Rosenthal '09 for her thesis. It opens tonight (Thursday) at 8pm in the Shiva. Reserve tickets at the infodesk.

The play is described on Facebook as "a middle finger to norms of theater and society. dreams. death. disillusionment."

Other performances are Friday at 6 and 9pm and Saturday 8pm.

A Message From COOP

Here is a message from COOP (Community Oriented Organizations Partnership) about a benefit dinner they are hosting tonight (Thursday).

"COOP is hosting a benefit dinner for the Family Partnership Center this Thursday, April 23rd, beginning at 6:30 pm in the Villard Room. There will be performers from Poughkeepsie and Vassar (Including M*Power Hip Hop Dance Crew, Nomadic Thoughts and Facts and Figures), and speakers from a few of the programs offered at the center. There will be food from Mole Mole, Zorona's and Twisted Soul (and cake! and coffee!). It's an event open the Vassar and Poughkeepsie communities, so please come to celebrate the wonderful community service programs that the FPC offers as well as the continued collaboration between Vassar and the center. Tickets are 8 dollars in advance, and 10 dollars at the door. We will be selling tickets tomorrow and Thursday in the college center. All proceeds go to the FPC."

Founder's Day Band Lineup Announced

Here is the just-released poster for the Founder's Day music lineup.

Volunteers to help with music during the event are desperately needed. You will get free merchandise, a staff tee shirt, and a pass to cut the lines. Email niinzucchi@vassar.edu if you're interested.

April 22, 2009

Heatwave Tonight

Stop by the Mug tonight for the second to last Heatwave of the school year. Featuring DJ Levar and DJ Timespace. Also featuring DJ Sam Ronson, we're told.

Tonight at 11.

Going On Now...Men's Lax Game

Our men's lacrosse team is playing Union - our conference rival - right now! Head over to Weinberg Turf Field to check it out. This will be their first game playing under the lights, we're told.

Terry Quinn Speaks About Mini-Course

The Language of Ladies mini-course controversy may have died down, but Director of Campus Activities Teresa Quinn is finally addressing the issue herself.

In an all-campus email sent earlier this evening, she writes:

"On behalf of the Campus Activities Office, I apologize for the discomfort and disruption caused by the Language of Ladies mini-course. Although the course was canceled, allowing this course was ill-advised in light of the gender, racial/ethnic, and community concerns ultimately raised."

Meet Your Candidates: Caitlin Ly '10

For the second year in a row, Mads has asked the candidates for VSA President a series of questions to help you better decide who to vote for.

Here is our interview with Caitlin Ly '10. Be sure to check back for our interview with Nate Silver '10.

Mads: What experience do you have that qualifies you for President?
Caitlin Ly: I have served the student body for my entire three years here at Vassar, first as Vice President of the Class of 2010 and now as Vice President of Operations on the VSA Executive Board. I have also served on a number of committees (such as the 2010 Gift Committee where I helped raise over $6000 for the Sophomore Class Gift) and been a member of a several Varsity athletic teams, including Volleyball, Squash, and Rowing. In my current role as VSA VP for Operations, I oversee all the elected and appointed student members on committees, and I chair the Constitutional Review Committee, thereby gaining an intimate understanding of the College Governance, the VSA Constitution and Bylaws, and many other college policies. Beyond that, I have spent this year building relationships with senior administrators, faculty and trustees, which will make me a very effective President next year. I believe students need a President who will be a passionate advocate for their interests next year, and I am committed to using my experience and my knowledge to do exactly that.

M: What campus issues matter most to you?
CL: I have an ambitious set of goals for next year, but the three most pressing issues in my mind: 1) enhancing student input on teaching and tenure (rewording CEQ’s and repairing the broken advising system) 2) addressing the problems with the meal plan (lowering the walk in price and offering a-la-carte options in the DC as well as expanding late night options across campus), and 3) committing to sustainability and accessibility projects (supporting motion-sensor lighting in Rocky and a portable ramp in the dorms). Beyond these issues, I hope to expand on initiatives like Tasty Tuesday’s and Meet Me in Poughkeepsie to encourage a healthier relationship with the Poughkeepsie community and bring back Vassar pride on campus. I also want to work with the college to ensure that security functions primarily to keep the campus safe and secondarily to keep students safe at parties. Above all, I believe the VSA should encourage a spirit of community and collaboration amongst students, faculty and staff in this difficult financial period and work to put forward common sense proposals that are creative and pragmatic and will help save the college money while having the least amount of immediate impact on the Vassar community.

M: What, if anything, do you want to see changed about the VSA?
CL: The college committee structure needs to be overhauled and replaced with a system that works so that student voices are heard clearly in this time of financial crisis. As VP for Operations, I have been frustrated by the number of inactive and unproductive committees, with student delegates missing meetings and administrators failing to set agendas at the beginning of the year. I believe the college needs to hold committees to a higher standard by asking them to think critically about legislation and to make sensible policy recommendations. Committee chairs must work towards meeting the objectives set forth in their mission statements and to be in constant communication with other committees so as to avoid redundancies and to create efficiencies. Above all else, committees must function properly next year so that students, faculty and staff can vet the major issues facing the college and collaboratively put forth pragmatic recommendations in the best interests of the Vassar community during this economic crisis.

M: If voters should know one thing about you or your platform, what should it be?
CL: I will be a passionate advocate for student interests next year. I want to listen to your concerns and to act fairly and democratically on your behalf because I believe the VSA exists primarily to work for students. I want every student to feel like the VSA government is making a difference in your everyday life, and I will work tirelessly to ensure a transparent and open system where every student has a legitimate voice. A vote for me is a vote to make the VSA work for you.

M: What is your favorite Vassar memory or moment?
CL: There are a thousand…but one of my favorite days at Vassar was Outing Club’s “Lakefest” last year. I spent the day lounging in the sun with some of my friends on Sunset Hill, eating burgers and listening to the Walker Family Band, and then we topped off the day by kayaking on Sunset Lake. I love how chill Vassar students are and how such great days are really pretty common.

M: Anything you want to add?
CL: “Rally for Caly” this week! Remember voting starts Saturday night ☺

Image via Vassar College Admissions.

Election Update

A few updates on the VSA elections...
  • Joss president Zach Wasser '11 has withdrawn his candidacy for VSA President.
  • Rachel Gilmer '10 has joined the race for VP of Student Life.
  • Three students have joined Sung Eun Kim '10 in the race for VP for Academics: Alex Cheung '12, Emma Carmichael '10, and Stephanie Damon-Moore '11.
  • Matt Orenstein '11 has joined the race for 2011 President.
  • Noyes and Joss still have open positions.
Check back for more updates!

Hot Item

Deer antlers! ViCE's promo item for Saturday's Deerhunter/Gang Gang Dance/Golden Triangle show. Available today and tomorrow in the College Center.

April 21, 2009

Vassar Cutting Summer Employees...Union Leaders To Speak

Union leaders will be speaking tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5:30pm in the CC MPR against recent employee cuts. A concerned reader sent us this message:

"The Vassar College administration is planning on cutting at least 45 food service employees and even more B&G workers for the summer season. While times are tough, Vassar's plan is an explicit breach of the contract Vassar College signed earlier this fall. These cuts will have broader implications than just loss of livelihood for laid off employees. The College usually utilizes a fully staffed B&G to make necessary repairs and ensure that the grounds are maintained over the summer months. With the cuts the College is planning to make, only the bare essentials will be fixed. Any damage not repaired will remain into the fall, and will be taken care of based on 'which students yell the loudest.' This is an issue that affects us all, and it is important that we know the details of the situation."

And The Candidates Are...

Filing for VSA elections closed yesterday and the most updated list of candidates is now online. Here are some of the categories with the most competition...
  • VSA President: Caitlin Ly '10, Nate Silver '10
  • VP for Student Life: Sean Koerner '11, Elizabeth Anderson '11
  • VP for Finance: Mat Leonard '11, Scott Pascal '10
  • 2010 President: Abby Zorn '10, Andres Posada '10, Chris Root '10, Selina Strasburger '10
  • 2011 President: Nick Dressler '11, Alejandro Calcano '11, Candido Diaz '11
  • 2012 President: Tanay Tatum '12, Lauren MacLean '12

Deerhunter And Gang Gang Dance To Play Festival

The Lollapalooza festival lineup was just posted, and both Deerhunter and Gang Gang Dance will be performing. If you can't make it to Lollapalooza, be sure to catch both acts this weekend at Vassar!

Passion Pit, from Lizzy Plapinger '10's Neon Gold Records, are also performing.

April 20, 2009

NoViCE Show Featured In Music Video

In other NoViCE news, the band Garotas Suecas has used clips from their Vassar show in their new music video. Check it out below to see some recognizable Vassar folks dancing, beginning at the 0:30 mark.

NoViCE Presents...

NoViCE has added a special Monday show this week featuring:

Starfucker: "sample-heavy synth-driven pop with melodies that just melt you. tastes like smarties."
Guidance Counselor: "what you would expect a guy and a girl with guitar, keys and drums to sound like after drinking 23 5-hour-energy shots in 5 minutes?"
Donkey Kong: "vassar's own son david knowles-- the beast behind donkey kong-- returns from berlin with his rowdy bauhaus neo-confusion stylings."

Check it out tonight at 9 in the Mug.


Fall course selections are up.
Fall course selections are up.
Fall course selections are up.

New Videos From The Limit

April 19, 2009

Candidate Statements Are Up

Candidate statements for the VSA elections are online and will continue to be added until filing ends tomorrow.

As we predicted, current VSA VPs Nate Silver '10 and Caitlin Ly '10 are running for VSA president. Current 2011 VP Elizabeth Anderson is running against former Noyes president Sean Koerner '11 for VP for Student Life, despite last week's resignation. Brian Moody '10 and Misc editor-in-chief Brian Farkas '10 are running for VP for Operations. Sung Eun Kim '10 is running for VP for Academics and Main VP Aaron Grober '11 is running for VP for Activities.

We hear that Mat Leonard '11 is running for VP for Finance, although his candidate statement isn't up yet and that is not confirmed.

Abby Zorn is running for 2010 president. We hear that Selina Strasburger and Chris Root are also running, although neither of their statements are up and that is unconfirmed.

Another position to watch is 2011 president, with ViCE Special Events chair Alejandro Calcano '11 running against 2011 treasurer and Britney impersonator Nick Dressler '11.

Click here
to find out how to file for a position. Check back for the full list of candidates once filing ends.

April 18, 2009

Ambulance Called To Throwback Jam

At around 4:00 an ambulance was on the quad during Hip Hop 101's Throwback Jam. An unidentified male was carried off on a stretcher.

We hope he's ok!

April 17, 2009

By Word Of Mouth...Who To Watch

Filing for VSA elections has begun, and so have the rumors about who is running. Here's who you might expect to see on the ballot for the top job of president. (Note: these people may not actually be running. Others may be running in this position as well.)

Nate Silver '10 - This year's VP for Student Life. Drama major. Director of this year's The Skriker play. Gave tour to Bruce Springsteen and son last year. Won last year's Sauce Challenge. Former Food Committee chair. Former 2010 President.

Caitlin Ly '10 - Current VP for Operations. Poli Sci major. On the squash team and has also done volleyball and rowing. A former 2010 VP.

This Weekend On Campus

Check out these events! Email madsvassar@gmail.com for publicity.

ViCE Film League presents Pineapple Express, 7pm Blodgett
SASA Mug Night, 10pm Mug

The Limit Show, 10:30pm Sanders

Throwback Jam, 12:30pm Quad
ViCE Film League presents Pineapple Express, 7pm Blodgett
VC Punx Show, 8pm Main 3rd floor parlor
NSO presents Masquerave, 10pm Jewett Lounge. Free food and masks (limited). DJs Fenris, Paradigm, R2DJ. Visuals by Pixelharvest.
The Limit Show, 10:30pm Sanders

Challah for Hunger Midnight Breakfast, 10pm Aula

April 16, 2009

After Hours Tonight In The Mug

Check out ViCE After Hours in the Mug tonight. They will be having their last student showcase of the school year.

Mug. Tonight. 9pm.

April 15, 2009

Blogosphere Reacts To 'Language Of Ladies'

While it may be old news to us, the Language of Ladies mini-course controversy is just now getting mention in the real world.

Click here for Tom Foolery's entertaining take on the course. "It looks like they'll have to learn about getting action the same way the rest of us did: suggestive hygiene product commercials," he writes.

Intern Katy at Jezebel says, "While I can completely understand how this course may have felt like a "safe environment" for men, I fail to see how this is any different from the rest of our fucking culture. Even at a liberal school like Vassar, surely there is some space where men can talk amongst themselves about men stuff, like 'mating rituals' and how to 'take' a woman to bed."

Vassar Mention On CollegeHumor

College Humor did a post the other week entitled "Quirky College Applications on the Rise." According to them, Vassar has a new addition to its application...

Check it out here. Don't worry, they poke fun at other schools too.

April 14, 2009

ViCE Confirms Spring Show...Deerhunter and Gang Gang Dance

Although there has been speculation for weeks, ViCE has just officially confirmed to Mads that Deerhunter and Gang Gang Dance will be performing at Vassar on April 25th.

The band Golden Triangle will be opening, courtesy of the Asian Students Alliance. WVKR, Relay for Life, and Asian Quilt are also collaborating.

The event will take place at 7pm in Noyes Circle to coincide with Relay for Life.

Students Needed For Make-Out Scene

No, this isn't a joke. (Or at least we don't think it is.)

There is a call for students to participate in a mass make-out scene for a photo shoot on Thursday night at 8pm. "People can either bring a partner or meet someone new," says the organizer.

Email belanger@vassar.edu if you're interested.

ViCE Jazz Presents...

Tuesday night means that ViCE Jazz is in the Mug.

Stop by tonight to hear the Vassar jazz combo When Cats Become People. The group features: Lucy Clark (vocals), Bren Cavallo (keys), Will English (guitar), Ben Rutkowski (trombone), Alex Goldberg (vibe), Jon Kanen (sax), Dan Salton (bass), and Jake St. John (drums).

Tonight at 10:30 in the Mug.

Remember, every Tuesday night is Jazz night.

April 12, 2009

ACT OUT Going To Albany

ACT OUT! will be going to Albany on Tuesday, 4/28 to lobby for marriage equality in New York State. They will be having a meeting tomorrow (Mon) at 9pm in the LGBTQ center. Go to the meeting to get more information and sign up for the trip.

ACT OUT will also be having an event in the College Center Circle all day this Wednesday. You can pick up a registration form for the 4/28 trip there also.

Check out this video from ACT OUT.

April 11, 2009

In Case You Missed It

Here's a clip from one of last night's Vassar's Best Dance Crew contestants.

The group in the clip is FroshMeat and will be performing again at tonight's Flawless party.

April 10, 2009

Your First Look

Here is an exclusive first look at the set up for Cushing's prom.

Cushing Prom Tonight

Cushing is taking you back to your high school prom tonight!

Check out the event in UpC from 10-2am.

There will be mocktails from 10-11 sponsored by the Office of Health Education and a photographer from 11-1 sponsored by SAVP.

Featuring DJs Beatz and Fresh Squeeze.

Formal attire is strongly recommended. Dates not needed.

Noyes President Resigns

Sean Koerner '11 resigned from his position of Noyes House President yesterday afternoon. His resignation came after a disciplinary hearing for an unauthorized party he had in Kenyon Hall at the beginning of Spring Break.

Former Noyes Vice President Andi Sharavsky '11 has taken his position.

See the Misc coverage here.
And in case you missed it, check out a statement from Sean to the Misc from last week.

Update: The email from Jimmy Kelly '09 to Noyes residents this morning read:

"Hi Noyesians,
Sean Koerner has resigned from his position as Noyes House President. Andi Sharavsky, the Noyes House Vice President, will assume the role of President for the duration of the year, in accordance with Article VII, Section 3D of the VSA Constitution. I will be in touch on Sunday night with a followup to fill the vacancy at the Vice President position.


This Weekend On Campus

Here's our weekly list of what's worth checking out this weekend. Email madsvassar@gmail.com for publicity.

Art Swap Closing Reception, 5-8pm Faculty Commons. Featuring DJ Olmec, wine and cheese.
VC Punx Show, 8pm Main 3rd floor parlor. Featuring Stormking, Black Wing, Dead Channels, and Powerpoint.
Vassar's Best Dance Crew, 8pm Villard Room.
Cushing Prom, 10pm UpC.

April 9, 2009

NoViCE Presents...

Tonight NoViCE presents Pink Reason, Twin Stumps, and Pygmy Shrews. 9pm in the Mug.

Check out the NoViCE blog for more info.

April 8, 2009

Mini-Course Creator And Opponents Speak!

It looks like the "Language of Ladies" mini-course controversy is heating up again on tomorrow's Opinions page of the Misc. Both Daniel Abramson '12, the creator of the mini-course, and Megan Habermann of Campus Activities address the controversy.

"I do not want to continue this tit for tat back and forth about the semantics of my class, a class that no longer exists - canceled by the democratic will of some students at Vassar."

Campus Activities:
"Most of the feedback that I have received indicates that the instructor was exercising extremely poor judgment but did not intend to be offensive."

Check out their full letters to see what else they had to say, as well as a letter from another Vassar student regarding the mini-course's cancellation.

On Tomorrow's Cover

Here are the big stories in tomorrow's Misc...

Vassar and peers face losing battle against grade inflation.

Council creates rules for new orgs.

40 years of coeducation: How have men affected Vassar?

Passover Begins At Sundown

The VJU will be holding Passover seders tonight and tomorrow night at 6pm in the CC MPR. $10 or a meal swipe.

April 7, 2009

Jazz In The Mug Tonight

Check out ViCE Jazz in the Mug tonight featuring Big Words.

Big Words is described as a "jazz, electroacoustic, funk trio."

Tonight, 10:30pm in the Mug. Remember, every Tuesday night is a Jazz Night.

WVKR Screening Tomorrow

WVKR will be screening A Portrait of Arthur Russell tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7pm in Taylor 203.

Here is a synopsis of the film:

WILD COMBINATION is director Matt Wolf’s visually absorbing portrait of the seminal avant-garde composer, singer-songwriter, cellist, and disco producer Arthur Russell. Before his untimely death from AIDS in 1992, Arthur prolifically created music that spanned both pop and the transcendent possibilities of abstract art. Now, over fifteen years since his passing, Arthur's work is finally finding its audience. Wolf incorporates rare archival footage and commentary from Arthur's family, friends, and closest collaborators—including Philip Glass and Allen Ginsberg—to tell this poignant and important story.

Check it out!