April 1, 2009

Announcing Our April Fools Day Contest!

Last year we came up with our own pranks, but this year we're leaving it up to you! Today we'll be having the first ever Mads Vassar April Fools Contest!

Send in pictures, stories, and videos of your pranks to madsvassar@gmail.com. We want to know about them, and we're sure everyone else does too. We'll be choosing the winner tomorrow night. There's no prize other than bragging rights.

Happy pranking and good luck!

Please enter. If you don't, we'll have to give the award to the Vassar homepage.


Maxine said...

no april fools e-mail yet? i was surprised to find my toothbrush present and intact in the bathroom this morning

Respire said...

Some love for last year's April Fools vassar.edu:

Anonymous said...

raymond parker's email should win ... i just totally believed that shit