April 2, 2009

Best April Fools' Pranks!

Thanks for all of the April Fools' submissions! We got some good ones. Here are our favorites, in no particular order...

1. Early in the morning, the Jewett President sent out a dorm-wide email saying that there was asbestos found in the staircases and all of the residents were being located to the Days Inn. The email even included pictures.

2. This may be a two-part prank, but we're not sure. We think it started when someone filled the Cushing President's dorm room with balloons while he was sleeping. In response, the president sent out a dorm-wide email in which he claimed to invoke his presidential powers (dissolving the house team, declaring martial law, etc.) in an effort to ensure the safety of the residents against the balloons.

3. We all knew Raymon Parker's email was coming, but it was still pretty clever.

4. Before Raymon sent his email, a student sent Raymon an email from CIS saying that his account was suspended for "misuse of the students@vassar.edu email list." Raymon's reply: "You had me for a second."

Any other good ones? Leave a comment.

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