April 1, 2009

*Breaking* Controversial Mini-Course Is Cancelled

That was fast...

We just received word that the controversial Language of Ladies mini-course has been cancelled. The freshman who runs the course declined to comment, but told us the class has been cancelled.

Campus Activities has released the following statement, exclusively to madsvassarblog.com:
"As soon as Campus Activities discovered that the course content differed drastically from what was originally proposed and from the mission statement of both Campus [Activities] and Vassar College, it was decided to cancel the remaining sessions of the mini course."

So, uh, disregard our previous post...

Update: A rep for the Asian Students Alliance just sent us the following exclusive statement:
"Strong House, Poder Latino and the Asians Students' Alliance, among others, all expressed concerns over the appropriateness of this mini-course. Representatives from these three groups will be meeting with [Campus Activities] this Friday to discuss our concerns about how this mini-course got approved and what we can do to make sure that if similar efforts are made in the future, they conduct discussion in an informed and sensitive way that respects all students at Vassar."

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