April 19, 2009

Candidate Statements Are Up

Candidate statements for the VSA elections are online and will continue to be added until filing ends tomorrow.

As we predicted, current VSA VPs Nate Silver '10 and Caitlin Ly '10 are running for VSA president. Current 2011 VP Elizabeth Anderson is running against former Noyes president Sean Koerner '11 for VP for Student Life, despite last week's resignation. Brian Moody '10 and Misc editor-in-chief Brian Farkas '10 are running for VP for Operations. Sung Eun Kim '10 is running for VP for Academics and Main VP Aaron Grober '11 is running for VP for Activities.

We hear that Mat Leonard '11 is running for VP for Finance, although his candidate statement isn't up yet and that is not confirmed.

Abby Zorn is running for 2010 president. We hear that Selina Strasburger and Chris Root are also running, although neither of their statements are up and that is unconfirmed.

Another position to watch is 2011 president, with ViCE Special Events chair Alejandro Calcano '11 running against 2011 treasurer and Britney impersonator Nick Dressler '11.

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to find out how to file for a position. Check back for the full list of candidates once filing ends.

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