April 26, 2009

Deerhunter+Gang Gang Dance+Golden Triangle

Here are some pictures from last night's ViCE show. Despite a late start, the bands were impressive and the event drew a huge crowd. People stood up for Gang Gang Dance and a few people were dancing in their Noyes windows (until security stopped them). Deerhunter played until 10pm when the police came because of noise. Bradford Cox finished with a solo song and thanked the police for "doing their job" and giving him some extra time.


Alice Paul said...

Which band sounded like a dying cow you could hear from the tas?

Anonymous said...

security stopped people from dancing in the windows of their own rooms? What the fuck? Is that in any way dangerous?

Respire said...

Dancing in the windows of rooms in which both windows were open outwards and they were using the beam inbetween as a dancing pole.
Yeah, kinda dangerous Char.

Zack said...

Dear ViCE,

Please bring The Hold Steady to Vassar. I will shower you with love until the end of my days.