April 10, 2009

Noyes President Resigns

Sean Koerner '11 resigned from his position of Noyes House President yesterday afternoon. His resignation came after a disciplinary hearing for an unauthorized party he had in Kenyon Hall at the beginning of Spring Break.

Former Noyes Vice President Andi Sharavsky '11 has taken his position.

See the Misc coverage here.
And in case you missed it, check out a statement from Sean to the Misc from last week.

Update: The email from Jimmy Kelly '09 to Noyes residents this morning read:

"Hi Noyesians,
Sean Koerner has resigned from his position as Noyes House President. Andi Sharavsky, the Noyes House Vice President, will assume the role of President for the duration of the year, in accordance with Article VII, Section 3D of the VSA Constitution. I will be in touch on Sunday night with a followup to fill the vacancy at the Vice President position.



Anonymous said...

this is absurd, how does throwing a party make you unfit to lead. Because you "set a bad example?" that's a value judgment, not evidence of poor leadership skills.

The other house presidents don't have spotless track records you know. And before this, Sean's was.

Zack said...

I think that the decision to throw a party in Kenyon and the disregard for Vassar property is more of a problem than the decision to throw a party.

Anonymous said...

This is too bad. Maybe throwing that party was a bad idea, albeit a pretty memorable one, but Sean was one of the most dedicated on council and it is a shame to see him go.

Anonymous said...

Fucking finally. He deserves to be expelled, too.

I don't think commentors 1 and 3 understand: $6000 dollars of damage to the Kenyon Executive Room, a room that the board of trustees meets in. Breaking and entering. Underage drinking (not so bad, in my opinion, but you know, on top of everything else.) If this were the real world, Sean would be only so lucky to get off with paying for the building damage.