April 6, 2009

Oxfam President To Speak Tomorrow

Operation Donation is hosting Ray Offenheiser, the President of Oxfam America tomorrow. He will be discussing issues of global poverty, the food crisis, and climate change.

Here is some background on Mr. Offenheiser:
Raymond C. Offenheiser is the president of Oxfam America, a non-profit international development and relief agency and the U.S. affiliate of Oxfam International. Oxfam works to end global poverty through saving lives, strengthening communities, and campaigning for change. Since Mr. Offenheiser joined Boston-based Oxfam America in 1995, the organization has grown more than fourfold in size and has positioned itself as an expert on international development and global trade. Mr. Offenheiser, who has worked his entire career in the non-profit sector, is a recognized leader on issues such as poverty alleviation, human rights, foreign assistance, and international development. Operation Donation is pleased to welcome Raymond Offenheiser to Vassar to mobilize our own community to engage with issues of global poverty.

Tomorrow (Tues) at 5:30pm in UpC. Don't miss it!

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