April 1, 2009

Vassar Pranks Through The Ages

Those Vassar women sure were pranksters back in the 1930s...

According to the Museum of Hoaxes, Vassar women back in the day responded to college prank/satirical campaign Veterans of Future Wars with their own project:

"Spin-offs of the organization began to appear. The women of Vassar College started an auxiliary called the “Association of Gold Star Mothers of Future Veterans” (after the Gold Star Mothers) and demanded that Congress send them to France to view “the future burying ground of our dead” (the real Gold Star Mothers had been sent to France to view the graves of their sons). But in the face of withering public outcry (how could anyone make fun of the Gold Star Mothers?) the women of Vassar lost their nerve and changed the name of their organization to the much tamer 'Home Fire Division.'"

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