May 6, 2009

*Breaking* Fatal Shooting At Wesleyan Bookstore...School In Lockdown


There was a shooting at the Wesleyan University bookstore in Middletown, CT at 1pm today. A female student is believed to have been shot three times and killed. She said she didn't know the shooter. The school's emergency alert system was activated and the campus, as well as other Middletown schools, are in lockdown.

The suspect has not been caught.

This is truly tragic news. We will be monitoring this story and updating as more information becomes available.

Update: You can hear the emergency alert message here.

Hartford Courant is reporting.
NBC in Connecticut is reporting.

Today was to be school's annual Spring Fling, featuring performances by Santigold and Clipse.

The school's Wesleying blog seems to be unavailable, perhaps from too much site traffic.

Story developing...

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