May 24, 2009

Commencement Is Today!

Click here to check out the live webcast of today's Commencement.

Congratulations seniors!

Update 11am: Meryl Streep sighting, according to one student's Twitter.
2:30pm: Lisa Kudrow too.


Zack said...

I'm not knocking Doctors Without Borders, but what kind of asshole gives a commencement address that barely acknowledges the graduates? That was a pitch, not a speech.

Bernie said...

Agreed. I wanted to fall asleep. He sounded like he was bored himself. I figured that if were getting a lowish-profile speaker, at least he'd be a really good speaker. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Meryl was bopping around Main barefoot. She has really big feet. According to an eye-witness who ran into her and Lisa Kudrow on the stairs by the Rose Parlor.

Megan said...

Meryl was wearing ViCE sunglasses! for real.

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