May 12, 2009

No Midnight Bkfst, But Some Still Streaking

From the Class of 2009 president:

"I am writing because I have been hearing rumors that the seniors are meeting Tonight at 11:45PM in the Joss Parking Lot (in front of the ROC) and that apparently we are streaking at midnight right after the Primal Scream. As Senior Class President I am NOT confirming or denying these rumors, or endorsing any kind of naked running- I just wanted to let you all know what word on the street is...

Although I am personally still debating whether I will let Carlos (my pudge) out to play tonight, I want to encourage all seniors who decide to streak to PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF SAFETY! Last year a senior got severely hurt during the streak. Let's avoid a repeat of this unfortunate (and avoidable) situation by making smart decisions and being mindful of each other's safety and well-being. Please do not get so intoxicated that you make poor choices. Do not engage in stupid behavior that might put your life, the life of your peers, or the integrity of college property in danger. Finally, I want to speak against bullying people into participating. If someone feels comfortable enough with their own body and finds it liberating and fun to run naked across the Quad, then HEY, GIRL/BOY HEY, go for it! On the other hand, if anyone feels like this is not for them and they would rather not be a part of it, PLEASE DO NOT PRESSURE THEM INTO PARTICIPATING!

I hope that we can show the college community that Primal Scream and the Senior Streak are fun and harmless traditions that are worth maintaining. I would hate it if the reputation of our class and the permissibility of these traditions is tainted by a negative experience that is avoidable and unnecessary!"