May 12, 2009

Rally For Vassar Workers Today

There will be another rally in support of Vassar's workers today, from 12-2 in front of Main.

The list of demands includes:
Respect, dignity and peaec on campus for all workers.
Summer Employment.
Job Security.
A New Economic Strategy.
Social Justice Committee.
Financial Transparency.

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derek said...

Why should the union workers have immunity from things like layoffs when administration and faculty do not?

If they want true EQUALITY, then they are on an equal basis with the rest of the campus if they are ALSO subject to being laid off.

The sooner the unions wake up and realize we're in a recession, the sooner they'll have a lot more relevance to the present day economy.

The threat of a strike becomes more and more toothless the worse the economy gets, because there's more and more people LOOKING for jobs.

Bernie said...

If the goal is respect and dignity all around, than perhaps the best chant is not "Who needs a pay cut/Cappy needs a pay cut!"

Vassar should certainly be mindful of its place in the community. But that said, the recession necessitates staff cuts. It sucks, but it has nothing to do with greed. For it to be made out to be a class/personal issue is counterproductive.

Anonymous said...

it's a great chant in my opinion. maybe if all the administration and faculty had all accepted minor paycuts they could have kept the faculty they're getting rid of. my favorite professor isn't here next year

so much cake so little time said...

I'd love to see some pictures from the rally if anyone's taking any...

Vassar Action said...

This school is hurtin for money to pay these folks. When top administrators give themselves pay raises before a pay freeze, or when Cappy herself admits she could get a raise if she wanted to. There is a problem with how wealth is distributed on campus, with those who control how money is spent giving themselves an unfair share.

Melanie said...

Actually, the list of demands asks that everyone be given immunity for expressing opinion on the matter. Not for being laid off in general.

In terms of equality, it's not really equality when pay-cuts out of the more-than-comfortable salaries of administration aren't even being put on the table, and jobs that are necessary to maintain basic living standards are being eliminated while money is being spent on manuscripts for special collections (just one example) so that vassar can maintain its reputation.

Anonymous said...

I want to echo nickelivorysoul's sentiments and would also like to point out that immunity refers to immunity from repercussions for using their right of free speech. And this rally was a part of a larger movement which hopefully will put a stop to cutting classes and faculty.

There is no reason anyone should have a defeatist attitude concerning job security because of the present day economy when months ago major companies were able to undertake methods of pay reduction to avoid layoffs. And it has everything to do with greed, when a group of students suggest, in a meeting with Cappy, that she reduce her own pay to avoid layoffs and she flat out refuses when she makes more money in a year than the governor of NY.

jessica said...
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Girl said...

Okay, so I heard inklings that people got arrested? Anyone know what happened?

Jman said...
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Arwh7 said...

I'm not going to say which side I support but I would like to point out that, along the lines of what has been said already, the issue of Cappy's salary does little to further the discourse. Yes, Cappy enjoys a comfortable salary that is larger than the Governor of NY's.... but whatever, most governors donate their salaries back to the state or don't even get a salary. In fact, one could easily say that Cappy earns more than the President of the United States, another true statement.

For these issues to be resolved more than just sensational statements are needed.

For the interested:
Here is a link to the 2006/07 salaries (most recent data) of almost all college presidents:
Cappy does have a nice salary but it is certainly not absurd compared to some of them on the list.

Elise said...

According to the stats:

Swarthmore: $529,370
Williams: $514,744
Wesleyan: $513,158
Wellesley: $502,880
Amherst: $475,026
Middlebury: $465,715
Vassar: $426,919

I'd say we're getting Cappy for quite the deal.

Anonymous said...

Please post the full list of demands if you are going to post it at all, because in a list format like this most of its meaning is lost. The demands are, at least in my opinion, very reasonable and I think more people should be fully aware of them.

Anonymous said...

the full list -

Bernie said...

nickelivorysoul- You complain that your favorite professor won't be here next year, but seem to support the union's cause. Part of the reason that there needs to be cuts in campus staff is to keep a quality level of academics. So you can have jobs helping the community, or more good professors... but you can't have it all. The union sure isn't fighting to keep faculty positions.