May 12, 2009

Rally Update...Police And Hunger Strike

Someone involved in today's worker rally tells us that police became involved when the rally moved to Collegeview Avenue. Police took down some identifications, but no one was arrested.

Also, people are currently "hunger striking" and camping out in front of Cappy's office, we're told.

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Respire said...

... really?

jeanette said...

Hunger striking in front of Cappy's office, not "hunger striking" in front of Cappy's house.

Jeremy "Lugarshz" Bloom said...

While I am all for supporting the workers and by all means hope their jobs are preserved, it upsets me that no more than 30 classmates came to the administration's open meeting on the school's financial situation. It seems like people should educate themselves on the full situation before taking a stand on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Is Cappy in her office? At 9:30? Really? I bet she's in her house. I bet she's taking a Cap-Nap. I bet she purrs.

Anonymous said...

that was wonderful
thank you