May 10, 2009

Spotted...Bard Pirates

A reader spotted a group of "pirates" from Bard outside of ACDC earlier today.


Anonymous said...

I'm a '96 alum who happened to be on campus this afternoon to witness this. To their credit, these pirates appeared to be friendly.

But I have to imagine there's some backstory I'm missing. Can someone fill me in?

Katie said...

I've heard various accounts.
One of them is that Bard has gotten it into its head that Vassar is its rival, and they come here to disrupt our studying. I think that's silly.
I think it's just a bunch of people who want to be silly and chant things like "Whatcha gonna do with a Vassar student? Wish them luck with finals!" and tell us to recycle.
This is not the first time this has happened...I think they show up in the library every least for the past 2. This year they were more visible.

madison said...

in fact we are a friendly group of Bard pirates, coming to let off some steam and be playful. we come in jest not rivalry or at least a very small one at that. the bard pirates get together when they get together. this is not a planned thing in order to disrupt your studying. we just wanted to entertain you. and we did entertain some.
and a note on the recycling bit- you guys really should have more bins.

Respire said...

It's true, we should have more recycling bins - they're impossible to find/don't exist in Skinner, Olmsted, and the Library

gossisnice said...

well i got a piece of chocolate :)