May 6, 2009

Update On Tragic Wesleyan Shooting

The victim in this morning's Wesleyan bookstore shooting has been identified as 22-year-old junior Johanna Justin-Jinich. This was announced in an all-campus email sent to Wesleyan students at 6:15pm.

"There is no reason to believe that the perpetrator of the shooting earlier today is on or near the campus, but we believe that the Wesleyan community could possibly be at risk," Wesleyan President Michael Roth wrote in the email, advising against holding a candlelight vigil tonight.

Hartford Courant coverage here.
New York Times coverage here.

Update 11pm: Middletown police have identified Stephen Morgan, 29 as a suspect in the shooting based on surveillance tape footage. He remains on the loose and is considered armed and dangerous. More here.

Update 2am: Click here to watch the latest update, including interviews with witnesses, from WTNH by way of Wesleying.

Images via Courant, Wesleying.

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The Breeze Blows said...

She is 21. This is tragic. I have never seen something this graphic in all my life. I was unfortunatly witness to her.
Her ex is a psycho, and I can only pray for the family now.
How a person could do this to such an innocent girl, is beyond me.