June 29, 2009

Local Man Protests Our School

In a video posted a few days ago, a Poughkeepsie resident complains about an incident he had at Vassar and encourages others to protest against the school's policies, which he considers to be "discrimination against men."

"I'm going to be organizing protests against Vassar College," the man begins. Apparently, he was asked to leave Vassar property because he was riding his bicycle in an area where bikes were prohibited. There was a sign posted, but he claims that the sign didn't specify where the sign's jurisdiction ended.

The man calls Vassar's policies a "means to kick young men out because Vassar was traditionally a women's college." He believes that these policies were put in place to make the female students feel comfortable, but "the intention here is to exclude."

Perhaps this local man doesn't realize that Vassar is 40% male, or that we have miles of bike trails throughout our 1,000 acres. Sorry dude, but your protests won't go far.


Respire said...

There's areas where bikes are prohibited?

lavishluau said...

Also Simon does not seem to realize that Vassar is a private school. The College is free to ask anyone to leave for any reason. If he had been riding where bikes are prohibited in the city and a cop saw him, he would have gotten a ticket. Like you said, I don't think his protests are going to get much support.

Daniel M said...

Apparently (he's nuts)... "I wasn't riding my bike. me and some other guys were moving rusted nails in the woods. if it was biking the sign does not specify distance" See: http://friendfeed.com/noahdavidsimon/340e001c/protest-against-vassar-college

Daniel M said...

His whole comment is: "I wasn't riding my bike. me and some other guys were moving rusted nails in the woods. if it was biking the sign does not specify distance. rusted nails could cause critical injuries to those that use the facility. their attempt was to block males in Poughkeepsie from using a public facility that is leased by Poughkeepsie to the college with understanding that the public has access. it is a common place for women to jog and the police will often find ways to block access to local male youth in an attempt to exclude them. this isn't an isolated incident. my family is a member of the farm there. I have seen a pattern of hostility directed against young men. their abuse is completely arbitrary and was an attempt to pick straws to find reasons to eject heterosexual males from a community that is generally hostile to men." via: http://friendfeed.com/noahdavidsimon/340e001c/protest-against-vassar-college

vanessa said...

I've been working on trail maintenance for the Vassar Farm this summer, so I've heard a first hand account of the story from the Field Station Manager. The area in question was destroyed by BMX bikers and is now being rehabilitated. Trees were uprooted and dirt was moved to create a steep bank that actually had to be bulldozed to prevent further erosion. Thus the no biking sign, which to me seemed to very obviously refer to the eroded, dead area. The story of "moving rusted nails" may be true, but the boys were also moving around logs and were told politely by the manager to stop. She found them doing this again later that day, and this time it appeared that they were uprooting a tree, so she called security.
Frankly, I see nothing in this that has to do with the college being discriminatory to local males. Instead, I see a group of kids who were being disrespectful to the farm and to Vassar staff.