June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Has Died

As all of the different news sources began reporting on Michael Jackson's death this afternoon, we stayed glued to CNN, which waited on the announcement, with a glimmer of hope. Tragically, that station also eventually confirmed the King of Pop's death.

Mads was lucky enough to see Michael Jackson perform in 2001 at his 30th Anniversary Concert at Madison Square Garden. The event consisted of tribute performances by other musicians, as well as performances by the Jackson 5 (reuniting for the first time since the late '80s) and Michael himself. Since that night, we can honestly say that he was our favorite performer and musician.

Today's news is numbing and devastating. Some might think it has little place on a college blog, but we have no doubt that Michael's music is a part of the Vassar College culture.

Rest in peace, Michael.


Zack said...

Rest in peace, Michael.

Luis Gabriel said...

What would the VC Halloween party be without the traditional midnight play of Thriller?

The world will never be the same.

Michael was a genius-his music was simply brilliant, timeless and sexy.

One can only be excited to see his memory live on!