June 24, 2009

Our Quidditch Rivals In Harry Potter Commercial?

A new commercial for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince features a girl fantasizing about playing quidditch, followed by the phrase, "Do you like Harry Potter as much as she does?"

The commercial is no doubt inspired by the collegiate quidditch trend. Further, one of the people in the commercial looks an awful lot like the Middlebury guy below.

Is it the Middlebury quidditch team in the commercial? Unfortunately, we can't seem to find the clip online anywhere...

UPDATE: We pretty much have confirmation that it is in fact Middlebury's quidditch team in the commercial. After extensive searching, we found some mention of a Middlebury vs. Emerson quidditch match that was filmed for MTV in Brooklyn last Saturday. The pictures of the match show the top-hatted guy in the rain, which corresponds to the commercial. Also, we just found this on an Emerson student's LiveJournal:

"basically, mtv wants to shoot a quidditch match as a promo for the new harry potter movie, and they needed middlebury to play another college team for the promo. they chose my school (emerson college), and some of my friends are gonna be in the promo!"

This is further confirmed by a Harry Potter fan group's Twitter and The Brooklyn Paper.

mtvU previously featured the Middelbury quidditch team in a TV spot in 2008.

Our team is ranked #2 in the league. Why didn't they ask us?!

UPDATE #2: Yes! Someone found the clip! Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

Could you post the link to the commercial cause I can't find it! :)

Anonymous said...

here's a link to the commercial