July 16, 2009

Vassar Apparel Featured In GQ

Actor Hunter Parrish (Weeds, 17 Again, Spring Awakening) is donning a black Vassar sweatshirt and gray sweatpants in the current issue of GQ magazine.

"You don't have to be in college to wear classic, collegiate-inspired gear," the article states. So... Vassar apparel is the quintessential college attire? Sweet. It gets better:

"When we say collegiate-inspired gear, we don’t mean a USC sweatshirt and a pair of Adidas slides. Think about the kind of East Coast classics that a Kennedy might have worn back in the day."

The magazine lists the $50 hoodie and sweatpants along with the other wardrobe items.

Parrish isn't a Vassar graduate, but he does have a few Vassar connections. First, both Parrish and a current Vassar student performed in Spring Awakening, although we're not sure if it was at the same time. Second, Parrish is in an upcoming Nancy Meyers film alongside Meryl Streep '71.

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