August 5, 2009

By Word Of Mouth

We hear that seniors can only use water this year at Serenading instead of the usual ketchup, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, hot sauce, etc. This is unconfirmed, although a representative for Campus Activities tells Mads that the office "is weighing all of the concerns regarding Serenading brought to us by faculty, staff, and students about all facets of the program in order to make it a safe and fun event."

This decision probably came after concerns over wasting food, as well as creating too much of a mess inside and outside of the dorms for the cleaning staff.

Serenading is scheduled for Saturday, September 5th.


derek said...


Respire said...

But no restrictions on everyone else, I guess?

Anonymous said...

That's probably a good idea. I feel guilty every year about the wasted food/janitor bitchwork. Plus, water is kind of sexy. It'll be like a hipster wet Tshirt contest.

Lizy said...

But I assume throwing stars are legit this year?

Josh said...

As an incoming Vassar Freshman, I wanted to get in a food fight at the start of college. So much for that.

lavishluau said...

IANAL but I doubt that the administration is going to implement any changes to Serenading. Officially the tradition is just about singing and welcoming. (

If the College admitted that the practice was really about attacking the freshmen with food and spices (or water), potentially causing injury, the college would be openly engaging in hazing, a misdemeanor in New York (

If any litigation were to arise from Serenading, The College's liability insurance would likely not cover it, because insurance does not cover illegal acts, also any damage award would be enhanced by the fact that the injury occurred due to an unlawful act.

William said...

Good. The week after serenading, the campus would always smell like crusty, ass and you'd inevitably end up stepping in some feculent ketchup on your way back to your dorm. It was even worse if it was a hot september with no rain.

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