August 29, 2009

In Case You Missed It

Welcome back, upperclassmen! In case you didn't get on Mads very much this summer, here are some of the bigger posts that you may have missed...

Vassar Creates Robot To Take Over World

Mads Goes To Bonnaroo
Professors Write About Michael Jackson's Influence
Local Man Protests Our School
Naps Returns, But With New Name And Taste
Vassar Apparel Featured In GQ
It's Official: Baldwin No Longer 24 Hours
Obama Nominates Grad For Finance Position
New '50s Themed Cafe Near Campus
Your First Look Inside The New Davison
Atrium Will Not Be Open This Year
ViCE Presents Clipse And Yes Giantess

And finally, on Thursday afternoon we broke the story that the main library will be reducing its hours of operation. At first the VSA said this wasn't true, but we received confirmation from Dean Kitzinger that it was. The VSA has since acknowledged that the library will indeed close at midnight, and the library has updated its website with the new hours listed.

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