August 17, 2009

The Latest On Davison's Opening

With only eight days until students begin moving in, it is unclear whether Davison is completely ready. The construction fence surrounding the building was removed a few days ago and now landscaping is being done, according to various students who are on campus this summer.

Some, however, still doubt that the dorm will be ready to accept freshmen next week. One anonymous reader who got a glimpse of the inside of the dorm tells us it looks "really unfinished." A representative for Res Life, on the other hand, tells Mads that the dorm will "definitely be open this semester."

The west side of Joss is also still under construction and remains surrounded by fences and scaffolding. It is unknown if this project will be completed before next week's move-in.

Update: We're told that summer residents did in fact move into Davison, although some of the building remains under construction. Continue to check back for details.

Update 2: We've got photos and descriptions of the inside! Check them out here.


Anonymous said...

People have already moved into Davidson... It is ready...

Jake said...
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Jake said...

people have moved into davison, but some of the building is still being worked on. what's done looks really, really nice.

the word about joss is that the scaffolding should be down by thursday, but who knows? people are moving into that side of joss anyway, as it's only roof work being done.