August 27, 2009

Main Library Is Reducing Hours

We've just received confirmation that the Main Library will be closing at midnight Sunday-Thursday this semester instead of 1:30am.

The official announcement has yet to come and the library website has has not yet been updated.

This is one in a series of reductions being made on campus. It was previously announced that Baldwin will be cutting its hours and the Atrium will not open this school year at all.

Update: Click here or see the above post for an update on the library situation.


Luis Gabriel said...

Holly shit! I graduated just in time! What's the point of having a library that closes at Midnight!?!?! For. Real!

Matt said...

This really better not stay this way. Students are gonna flip out, and hopefully make a stand. Personally, I don't always stay at the library that late, but I do it enough to make it necessary to have a library. When you're there that late it's because you need to be

Anonymous said...


Noah said...

Good Luck, team.

Brian Farkas said...
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