August 25, 2009

Welcome Class Of 2013

The Class of 2013 moved in today! Welcome!

Click here for the full list of Orientation events.


Bernie said...

1. The apostrophe in the "Welcome Back" banner is incorrect. It should be a closing apostrophe. That's pretty nitpicky, but is that really the first thing people should see when they get to college?

2. ViCE is showing Jaws? Is that because Obama's in Martha's Vineyard?

And yes, I'm an alumnus pathetically trying not to let go by reading Mads.

Anonymous said...

I welcome the class of 2013. They are wonderful and I love them.

To those who wrote on their whiteboards inviting them to a false party in the THs celebrating Regis Filbin's 76th birthday and then proceeded to chuck water balloons at them as they bravely walked through the woods: I think you are cruel. Your joke wasn't funny and was in fact hurtful to the Vassar Community.