August 18, 2009

Your First Look... Inside The New Davison!

Last October we brought you an exclusive look inside the Davison construction project. Now as summer residents begin to move in, we've got your first look at the finished dorm. Here are the photos...
Each room is a little different and range from smaller to quite large (both doubles and singles). Rooms either have a closet or a long rack inset to the wall. All rooms come with a really comfy chair, overhead light, door holder to prop it open, wall-length heater, and door number w/ whiteboard. The room also get a whole lot of natural light.

Every floor has a study that is equipped with sink, counter, and sunken windows. No couches or tables yet.

Lots of natural light and similar in style to the remodeled Joss bathrooms. Green-handled dual-function flushes on the toilets, giant handicapped shower, slick gray and black surfaces.

A big thanks to Paul Noonan '10 for the photos and descriptions. Check back for updates!


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