September 18, 2009

Announcing Our Grizzly Bear Ticket Giveaway!

If you didn't get a Grizzly Bear ticket this week, fear not! is giving away a free pair of tickets, courtesy of ViCE. Here's how to get them...

On Sunday night at 10pm, we will be posting a "codeword." Something like "Bears" or "Cappy." When you see that word, email it to us at with the word in the subject line. No need to write anything else. The pair of tickets goes to the 30th email we receive. If you have the winning email, we'll respond asking you for contact info.

The rules: You're only eligible if you haven't gotten a ticket already. We'll give your name to ViCE and they'll check to make sure. Also, there is a limit of three emails per person, so please don't flood our inbox with 30 emails.

You don't have to be a Vassar student to enter.

Image via MySpace.

9.18.09 12pm

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