September 10, 2009

"Backpage" Drama Dates Back To May

Mads dug up an old email from last year's "Backpage" writers about how the Misc censored their final editorial...which happened to be about the Misc's censorship!

"The email comes from early May when we wrote an editorial about the Misc's efforts to censor our work," one of the Backpage writers now tells us. "Seemingly unaware of how ridiculous and backwards they were acting, Brian Farkas and Ruby Cramer CENSORED OUR LETTER ABOUT CENSORSHIP."

Here are some quotes from the editorial. The words in bold were censored from the final version.

"Politically incorrect humor on Vassar's camps is like lesbian sex in a nunnery: everyone's doing it, but they're praying to Jesus that the public doesn't find out."

"While we wait for our Communist president to go before the U.N. and ask those cheese-eating surrender monkeys for a non-binding resolution to stop the genocide that’s happening right now on the third floor of Main Building, we, your outgoing Backpage editor and special correspondent, would like to briefly discuss the place of humor and censorship in a college newspaper." In the final version, "genocide" became "tragedies."

"Get it? We think you do, because we know you’re smart and you understand irony, unlike Carlos Mencia. Oh wait, we’re not allowed to make fun of him because he’s from Honduras and is retarded. So next year, assuming the hostage crisis in the Misc office has died down and we find a poor soul to replace us, tell your editors that you can handle a little humor dripping with irony, even if it crosses a few lines. And to the editors of the Misc: even though your paper will go under by the time you graduate, try to take some risks before Cappy sells your Macs and turns the office into a McDonald’s."

In addition to the censoring, the editorial was featured only online and not in the print edition.


derek said...

Maybe the answer is simple: a new weekly campus publication should form?

Rebecca Arian said...

i agree. one that isn't being censored