September 27, 2009

Grizzly Bear At Skidmore Last Night

Edit 9/30: ViCE has informed us that Grizzly Bear has asked for no cameras at their show. We're not sure if this was the case at Skidmore, so the video and pictures below may have been obtained illegally. Please don't bring cameras to the show on 10/9.

We're still waiting for our friends at Skidmore Unofficial to put up their coverage of last night's Grizzly Bear show at Skidmore, but here is a video of what we can expect to see on October 9th. If you don't like "spoilers" of concerts, skip this post!

The info for the video reads, "Great show put on by Grizzly Bear! But the crowd SUCKED! Dear Skidmore kids, you are the worst excuse for a crowd that I have ever seen. Did mommy not tell you that you don't talk at shows?" Hopefully the Vassar crowd will be better.

Here is another review, this one sent in to the
"The Brooklyn-based band made its Capital Region debut Friday night with a dramatic and engaging concert at Skidmore College’s Sports and Recreation Center. If the setting proved a bit antithetical, the band had no problem creating their own ethereal atmosphere onstage with a combination of floating chords and strings of simple white lights in mason jars... This was a college show if ever there was one. The audience was a mix of die-hards gently grooving to every song and freshmen desperate to neck in [public]."

There are also some pictures of the show on Flickr.

Gang Gang Dance, who played Vassar last semester, opened for Grizzly Bear.

9.27.09 4:48pm


Adam said...

Gotta love necking in "pubic"

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