September 14, 2009

Has Swine Flu Arrived?

Multiple students have been spotted wearing surgical masks around campus, according to sources. Has swine flu finally arrived?

According to FluTracker, there have been 38 confirmed cases of H1N1 in Dutchess County.

As annoying as it was last semester, we think it's time for ACDC and the Retreat to eliminate self-serving options again.

Wash your hands, folks! And if you're sick, don't put others at risk.


Respire said...

I've heard of several students being placed on "medical isolation" in addition to a professor flat-out saying "One of my students has swine flu"

Though really, it's just an unseasonal flu. Flu shots start soon and the H1N1 immunization will be here soon enough.

Nick said...

All the efforts the DC did last year to "combat" the flu were ineffective and arbitrary and should not be repeated.

Blogthropologist said...

i don't think they were completely ineffective or arbitrary. Just annoying.

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