September 6, 2009

Misc Ditches Its "Backpage"

The Miscellany News will no longer feature its satirical "Backpage" section, according to insiders. The reason given was that in some years it was just too offensive.

The Sports section will now be expanded to the last page and the Opinions section will feature some brief satirical and humorous pieces.

The old Backpage archives are also no longer available on the Misc website.

Update: The Misc's editor-in-chief Ruby Cramer has confirmed that there will be no "Backpage" this year.

In an emailed statement, last year's Misc editor-in-chief and author of Covering the Campus: A History of the Miscellany News at Vassar College, Brian Farkas '10 writes, "Thank goodness. In past years, the Backpage was offensive and sometimes poorly/hastily planned. I had conversations with many, many students and community members last year who were really offended by content presented there. Current editors are really excited to be able to utilize a broader segment of Vassar students to inject humor and satire into the paper. I wish them luck!"

Meanwhile, an anonymous blog called The Backpage Lives has popped up. So far there is only one post with a schedule of this week's activities and funny/inappropriate comments beneath them. Ironically, former Misc staff members created a blog called Post-Backpage almost a year ago.

Also in support of the Backpage, one anonymous reader wrote to us in an email: "The last thing this campus needs is less of a sense of humor."

Update #2: There is now a Facebook group, "Save the Backpage!" The group already has 64 members.


Dana said...


Brian Farkas said...
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geralddude said...

I won't miss it. It was never that funny.

Laugh or go away said...

The Librarian said...

Brian Farkas and Ruby Cramer are horrible people who wouldn't know humor or journalism if it somehow managed to pull the gigantic stick that perpetually sits in their ass out.


Laugh or go away said...

@The Librarian: hear hear!

lenny1029 said...

Wow. Laugh or go away and Librarian, you two are real jerks. Disagreeing with the decision is fine, but taking potshots at fellow Vassar students? This sort of crudeness and immaturity is exactly the reason the Backpage and its "humor" should die a quick yet painful death. Get a life.

Laugh or go away said...

You're right lenny, no one should say mean things about other people. It's not like jon stewart or bill o'reilly made a career out of doing that or anything. oh, WAIT.

lenny1029 said...

There's a flaw in your logic. Jon Stewart is actually funny, unlike the Backpage.

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