September 9, 2009

Official Editors' Note On "Backpage" Cut

The editors of The Miscellany News have included this note in tomorrow's issue:

"Last week, the 2009-10 Miscellany News Editorial Board unanimously voted to continue the Sports section to the final page of the newspaper—as many national and college newspapers do—rather than continue the Backpage, which previously occupied the space.

The Board also voted unanimously to dedicate the last page of the Opinions sections to humor and satire columns, as well as to a themed calendar and a regularly featured comic. This week, you can find these items on page 12 of the paper.

To expand on our decision, the editors feel that in the past the image and credibility of the newspaper has been tarnished due to continuously-printed material which some believed expressed racist, classist, sexist, homophobic or anti-Semitic views.

That said, we do not wish to eliminate humor from the pages of the Miscellany. In fact, it is our firm belief that humor writing falls under the purview of the Opinions section, where multiple writers can submit their satirical works, which can, in turn, be attributed to the specific authors. For the duration of its history, the Backpage has only able to feature the comedic stylings of one to two writers per year...

As we reflect on the 143-year history of our publication, we truly and unanimously believe that the change is in the long-term best interest of The Miscellany News."


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