September 28, 2009

Official Statement From Security

As we posted late last night, Poughkeepsie police and Vassar security vehicles were spotted outside of Davison and Raymond. Don Marsala has now addressed the incident in an all-campus email:

"Late last night a Vassar student was assaulted as he walked on the north end of the Quad. A young male that was walking with two other males struck the Vassar student from behind.

Fortunately, the Vassar student avoided serious injury, and refused medical attention. Both Vassar College Security and the Town of Poughkeepsie Police conducted a search for the suspects but were unable to locate them.

We determined that after the assault, two of the non-students were allowed to enter a residence hall. The knocked on the front door of Davison House and a Vassar College student who thought they were students opened the door for them. Fortunately, the student realized they were not Vassar students, as they were in their teens, and the student followed them as they exited the south door and ran out of sight."

9.28.09 4:31pm


chnicholson said...

I am upset about this. We should have been emailed last night.

LG said...

I don't like that I don't feel safe walking alone at night here anymore!

effingjro said...

I wish security were better at apprehending violent teenagers and worse at breaking up parties.

But I guess those kegs pose a serious threat too, right?

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