September 30, 2009

PETA Will Report Findings Tomorrow

A representative for PETA will be on campus tomorrow to report the findings of an investigation on the Vassar campus. Here is a message from the Vassar Animal Rights Coalition:

"PETA has targeted Vassar for an investigation into animal testing and abuse on campus, and tomorrow at 5pm in ROCKY 200, their famed investigator Dr. Alka Chandna will be revealing her findings and leading a Q&A with the audience. Maybe you saw the guy in the monkey suit on campus today handing out flyers?

VARC is encouraging all students, faculty, community members to come out and join the conversation, no matter what their opinion or affiliation. We want to open this up as an ongoing dialogue about animal rights and the ethics of scientific study."

Here is the official press release on PETA's website, which includes a quote from the Vice President of of Laboratory Investigations, as well as a graphic description of the treatment of animals in Vassar's science labs.

9.30.09 9:38pm


Suzanne said...

PETA is retarded

John1589 said...

I wouldn't say retarded, but misinformed. I have a lab where we will be killing's for science. None of us like the idea INCLUDING the professor. In fact, we're taking extreme measures to ensure their safety and comfort. We take more precaution than human doctors as we can't have stress as confounding variables!

Katie said...

I would rather put a mouse through hell than put my little brother through hell, and I'm just fine with that morally. This is where PETA and I part ways.

Dana said...

Someone should tell them about the kiwi bird.

BoneFish said...

Umm yeah, the whole thing with Dr. Cynx is a mute point. All those allegations towards him came from a disgruntled employee. Vassar employs people to work in the animal rooms (cleaning cages, feeding, checking for medical problems, etc.). This guy wasn't doing his job so Vassar fired him. Then he went berserk and made all the claims against Cynx listed here. Well if any of those happened, it was the disgruntled employee's fault, hence why we fired him!!!

Vassar's labs are some of the cleanest, most well maintained labs out there. The last inspectors we had last year said that our facilities are better than the government ones. Nothing we do here is too invasive. At least in the psych department, nothing we do is too invasive. We're more behavior oriented. I'm not sure why PETA is targeting us.

Mina said...

dear PETA,

i'm sorry we disagree on this, but i'd rather have a scientist experiment on a rat before they start human trials/something gets approved for human beings that ends up doing more harm than good.

also, please stop exploiting the female body. you're perpetuating the idea of women as object with the whole "dressing women up as snakes with body paint" thing, and i just can't take you seriously.

also, suck it.


kingfisher9704 said...

I heard a rumor that a couple of years ago some PETA people broke into the bio labs and "liberated" some fish. They dumped the fish into sunset lake where they promtly died from shock or cold. (fish aren't very tolerate of changes in water quaility as any aquarium enthusiast will tell you). What's more is that the fish were non native fish, so had they survived, their freedom could have theoretically caused diasterous results to an entire ecosystem.

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