September 3, 2009

Sent In By You... Fighting Vassar's "Douchey" Portrayal

One anonymous student sent us the following message in reaction to GQ ranking Vassar #22 on their list of "douchiest colleges."

"I was concerned about the image that GQ portrayed of Vassar in their 'Top 25 Douchiest Colleges' op-ed. I was mystified as to where they came across the notion that Vassar had an overbearing lesbian aesthetic. Sure there are lesbians here, some where, but to not even mention gay men is appalling and is a testament to how little they know the depth of douche at our beloved school. So in an effort to better educate those who would like to know about the actual culture at Vassar, I have put together a little Vassar Buzzword Bingo for this coming year that anyone visiting or even in coming freshman can use as a tool to familiarize themselves with our institution."

1 comment:

Jen said...

left out "awkward" ... probably the most commonly used phrase at vassar