September 11, 2009

Some Old "Backpages" Resurface

Although The Miscellany News removed the "Backpage" archives from their website - which the former writers were not too happy about - one Mads reader and former Misc editor did some digging and found these pages still available online:

Vassar Students: They're Just Like Celebrities (2005)
Design Your Own Supreme Court Justice (2005)
Hipper Than Your Mom: Dad Chic (2005)
Yale Restricts Parties, Vassar Fears Backlash (2005)
The Vassarer (2006)
The Vassar Board Game: The Last Hurrah (2006)
The Hook Up: The Aftermath (2007)

Misc, if you're reading this, keep these up. And restore the archive, please.


geralddude said...

These are all on the old Misc website, which doesn't look like it's been touched since they started the new one at the beginning of last year. It's just that nobody's noticed the "missing" Backpages until now because nobody cares.

Michael said...

can we PLEASE get over this Backpage drama? the only people that seem to care (or at least are vocal about the issue) are alums, who in my opinion need to get a life.

Boyd said...

Exactly. Nobody who actually goes here cares anymore. This is boring.

The Librarian said...

It's pretty pathetic that Vassar students, both current and former, would ever say that they don't care about the silencing of free speech and legitimate dissent on campus.

Me thinks Michael and Boyd may be angry alums too...

geralddude said...

Oh yes, the Backpage, that great bastion of free speech and legitimate dissent, all disguised as making fun of hipsters. Librarian, get over yourself and your ego.

Zack said...

There's no legitimate reason for these articles to be made unavailable. They're part of the misc, and they belong in the archives.

DJF said...

i'm a student here, 2011, and I care! I loved the backpage, even when it wasn't funny, i love the idea of it. and it was often pretty funny. Its a shame the underclassmen love half-page colorphotos of vice meetings so much. maybe we should just have 10 full page color photos of people voting on non-binding resolutions condemning the idea of "disney acapella," stapling such-said resolutions, whole punching them, and crying. then we pay hundreads to distribute this periodical all around campus! woo!

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