September 21, 2009

Vassar Fail

9.21.09 9:36am


Micro said...

As the person who runs that repair shop I can say that was one of the worst days of my Vassar career. I must have done 20+ repairs that day and actually had to close the door to stop accepting new customers.

I actually take offense to that because I could give you at least 15+ people who said not only did I not fail but I was quite helpful.

"Mads Vassar" said...

We thought that the irony of a repair shop being closed for repairs was a "fail" in the sense of the word. We definitely didn't mean that any of the computer store employees or the computer store repair shop had failed. Sorry about that!

Brian said...

I really appreciate you clearing that up. Thats a stand up thing to do. Keep up your honest work.

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