September 11, 2009

Vassar's Economic Troubles On Gawker

Vassar is featured on the popular blog Gawker today, but unfortunately it is for our economic troubles. Keep in mind that the post is written by Andrew Belonsky, a Vassar grad.

"Barack Obama spent some of his very important time this week telling school children they should shoot for the stars and aim for grade-A educations. Sadly, our president was wrong, because America's institutions of higher learning are dead broke!!

Yes, we Americans — and, in fact, all Western dwellers — are taught that we should aim for schools like Harvard, Yale, Brown and, if you must, Vassar. Yet, in a sad testament to our nation's increasingly depressing economic situation, all four of those schools are losing their economic prestige...

Meanwhile, the president of [Yale]'s former love, Vassar, sent out a letter to graduates, including this editor, announcing that the storied institution — Jackie O went there!! — has lost nearly [27%] of its precious, precious piggy bank...

Rather than revamping dorms and building new graduate campuses, these schools should have been focusing on improving preexisting services, like teaching. (The Vassar president's letter encouraged students to visit a newly redecorated dorm, then discussed how staff needed to be cut. Silly!)."


geralddude said...
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ultimatefrisco said...

This is sad. Unfortunately Gawker doesn't know how budgets work in bureaucratic places, because money for dorm renovation had to be set aside in advance for such a project, before the economy went down.

Did Vassar manage everything well? No, but at least put your opinions on it in the right direction and delve into the subject matter.

Mina said...

plus, the dorm wasn't "redecorated." it had extensive, necessary renovations to make it handicap accessible and modernize some of the plumbing and wiring. heaven forbid the college spends money on improving the living conditions if its students.

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