September 15, 2009

ViCE Ticket Giveaway Tomorrow

The big Clipse / Yes Giantess show was less than two weeks ago, but ViCE is already gearing up for the Grizzly Bear / Beach House show on October 10th. 800 free tickets for the show will be given out tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday.

The tickets are free to the Vassar community, but they are limited, so you still have to pick them up!

ViCE is doing all they can to eliminate the challenges of previous years' ticket giveaways. M.I.A. tickets were expensive and sold out early on, and last year people took advantage of the 6 ID limit for
Beirut tickets. This year there is a limit to 2 Vassar IDs per person and 1 ticket per ID.

Tickets will be available on the Chapel lawn at 3pm on Wednesday, 10am on Thursday, and 10am on Friday.

Tickets will also be available for purchase on starting at noon on Saturday.

More info here.

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