October 5, 2009

By Word Of Mouth...MICA Might Start New Publication

Sources tell us that the Moderate Independent Conservative Alliance, also known as MICA, is planning on starting a printed publication called The Chronicle. We're told that a conservative-leaning NPO called The Collegiate Network may fund the paper.

"Most of this is still in the planning stages, though some perspective writers have begun their own articles," a source tells Mads.

MICA put out a controversial publication years ago called The Imperialist. Many students and faculty members considered the publication's contents racist, leading to a formal public forum to be held, as well as the organization's de-authorization by the VSA in 2005.

MICA has not confirmed this.

Update: MICA tells Mads that it has no plans to start a publication, despite what the tipster says. "Due to our success in representing conservative and independent viewpoints in the Opinion pages of The Miscellany, we believe any additional publication from MICA would be superfluous," the president of MICA, Jeremy Bright '11 tells Mads.

10.5.09 1:07am

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